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RogueCar 2.1 has got an improved interface RogueCar 2.1 - There are some additions in the current version 2.1: Added some new interface elements Who did say that “There is no passcode for the Caddy in the PC version…”?! The truth is that there is such a passcode in PC version! Furthermore it is certain that this passcode is Passcode No.2 and although it is […]
RoguEdit 2.0 has got a new interface for the passcode feature RoguEdit 2.0 - There are some additions and fixed mistakes in the current version 2.0: Fixed some misspelled messages and changed some others Added “Codes/Awards” button and ability to change passcode data RoguEdit 2.0 has a new feature which allows you to edit passcode data in player profiles, so now you can try any passcode even without knowing […]
The Secret of the Hidden Team Photo - Whoa! I got a new information about this snap from one of the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron developers! I received a message from Buddy Hannon! Unbelievable, but it is true: “…I just came across the team snap of the Rogue Squadron Development Team on your page. It seems like such a long time ago that […]
Another hidden image: this one used for the initial menu screen in N64 version of the game is hidden in the PC version. RogueScr: Another Hidden Screen - While exploring the game data files apart from the hidden team photo I also noticed many familiar images. These were stored under backdrop folder and some of them were simple JPEG images. As I was experimenting with writing Windows screensaver applications, I decided to write a screensaver that pulls out those Star Wars movie scenes […]
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron developers team photo-montage The Hidden Team Photo - At last the Summer Holidays began and I got an opportunity to check my suppositions and to continue excavations in the game data files after some break… Looking through image data at once noticed two strange pictures one of which is below… Wow, this is obviously Star Wars: Rogue Squadron developers team! And it is […]
RogueCar 2.0 has got a nicer interface RogueCar 2.0 - There are some additions and fixed mistakes in the current version 2.0: Added a new interface in the style of Rogue Squadron Modified crack method without additional recovery file Finally, if you would like to learn more about the famous black Buick then visit the web-site of the real owner of KOELSH – Factor5 member […]