Chapter II The Hidden Vehicle

After presenting my RoguEdit player profile editor to the Star Wars Community I learned new interesting facts such as cheat codes from other Rogue Squadron fans. Some of them are for Nintendo 64 version only. One of such codes – KOELSH lets you fly a black Buick instead of V-Wing.

KOELSH the Black Buick in the hangar
KOELSH the Black Buick in the hangar

Looking through the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron data file I already noticed that actually there are two V-Wing models there and one of them has “wheels” for some reason. Suddenly everything became clear for me but because of lessons I had no time to check my suppositions… Later I got new information about this hidden vehicle – in the RogueSquadron.NET Forum I read the following

Lt Guilo [Flight Leader] posted February 14, 2000 11:48 PM There is no passcode for the Caddy (it’s actually not a Caddy… I know this because I’ve personally spoken with Factor5 programmer Rudy Zember, who owns the real-life vehicle the car seen in the game is an actual replica of…) in the PC version of the game, but there is for the N64 version: KOELSCH. To access the car in the PC version, you must manually edit the game’s files with a Hex editor… and I couldn’t tell you which file, or what lines of code to edit, or what to change, either…

Ha, thanks! I already knew what should I do approximately… At last yesterday Novruz the Holiday of Spring has began here! Taking this opportunity I continued the excavations and after less than a couple of hours I was driving the famous Black Buick. It was really easy… May be there is more direct way, but I don’t know it yet…

Chapter II The Hidden Vehicle

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